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By Dr. Wolfgang Redka Swoboda

27th April 2024


Dermal filler treatments rank as the second most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure worldwide, with over 4 million injections administered annually. Physicians and Medical professionals are eager to participate in Dermal Filler Training workshops to acquire the skills necessary for these lucrative procedures in their practices.

This Comprehensive Dermal Filler Training is designed for all registered Medical and dental doctors to treat a number of areas for soft tissue augmentation including:

  • FDA Approved Naso-Labial Fold area
  • Lip Augmentation (plump and outline)
  • Cheek Augmentation
  • Pre-jowl Sulcus
  • Fine Lines
  • Marionette Lines / Extended Laugh Lines
  • Tear Trough (eye hollow)
  • Submalar Hollow
  • Chin Augmentation

Dermal fillers are commonly employed to minimize facial contrasts and soften specific facial features, resulting in a pleasant, youthful aesthetic. A significant portion of the program will focus on technique and the essential steps for accurately assessing patient requirements for dermal fillers

Registration Fees:

Early Bird: Rs. 100,000 (Before March 15)

Standard: Rs. 115,000 (After March 15)


“In this comprehensive course, participants will delve deep into the intricate anatomy of the face, gaining a profound understanding of facial structures, vasculature, and tissue dynamics.

Led by seasoned expert in the field of aesthetic medicine, this master class offers a hands-on approach to learning, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Through interactive lecture and live demonstration, attendees will grasp the nuances of facial anatomy, crucial for safe and effective filler placement.

Moreover, participants will explore the diverse range of fillers available, learning how to select the most appropriate products for different facial regions and aesthetic goals. With a focus on achieving natural-looking results and harmonious facial proportions, this course emphasizes the importance of precise injection techniques and anatomical considerations.

By the end of the master class, attendees will emerge equipped with the expertise and confidence to navigate the complexities of facial aesthetics, elevating their practice to new heights and delivering unparalleled patient satisfaction.”

Learning Objectives:

  • Masterful Insight: Gain in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and precise filler techniques under the expert guidance of Dr. Redka Swoboda.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Explore the art and science of facial aesthetics through a holistic curriculum designed to elevate your expertise.
  • Hands-On Experience: Hone your skills with practical, hands-on training sessions led by Dr. Redka swoboda, ensuring confidence in performing dermal filler procedures.
  • International Expertise: Benefit from Dr. Redka Swoboda’s extensive experience and global perspective in the field of aesthetic medicine.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers and professionals from around the world, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Elevate Your Practice: Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance patient satisfaction and achieve exceptional results in facial rejuvenation.

Join us for this unparalleled educational experience and unlock the secrets to mastering facial aesthetics with Dr. Wolfgang Redka Swoboda!

Dermal Filler Training – Agenda

  • Speaker Introduction
  • Overview of procedures to be performed during the hands-on session
  • Questions & Answers
  • Hands‐On Sessions
  • Small group breakout sessions with live patients
  • Attendees will be required to administer the various HA Dermal Filler FDA Approved Products understanding the unique approach to each patient including various techniques for augmentation.
  • Full Face Transformation
  • Basic & Advanced Fillers
  • Full face technique with cannula [I]a-[II]b-concept “One approach to Beauty”

What will you learn?

  • Overview of Product Characteristics, Mechanism of Action, and Indicated Areas for Patients
  • Examination of FDA Approved Dermal Fillers Understanding the Mechanism of Action for different crosslinked HA products and their recommended application areas for fillers. Exploration of common injection sites for dermal filler treatments and associated procedural techniques. Patient Consultation Process.
  • Effective communication of anticipated outcomes for dermal fillers, including potential need for additional product or treatment areas for rejuvenation. Assessment of various injection techniques to align with patient goals and address areas of asymmetry or contrast. Facial Anatomy Review.
  • Analysis of facial vasculature, nerves, and lymphatic regions to mitigate potential complications. Identification of possible contraindications for treatment. Understanding Zones of Adherence to optimize filler placement. Complication Management.
  • Strategies for correcting and preventing complications, along with managing adverse events linked to both HA and Non-HA injections, including procedures for reversal if needed. Standard of Care Considerations.

Execution and comprehension of blunt tip cannula injections for highly vascular facial zones, employing techniques suitable for areas unsuitable for hypodermic needles. Application of techniques for Nasolabial Fold (NLF) treatment, encompassing cross-hatch and linear threading methods, and selecting appropriate products. Approaches for addressing Marionette Line areas and mitigating stubborn lines using various techniques. Techniques for treating the Prejowl Sulcus and rectifying areas of contrast. Exploration of lip injections using micro cannula or hypodermic needle injection for lip plumping or lip redefinition. Review of additional facial indications, including protocols for areas such as Cheekbone Enhancement, Cheek Augmentation, Hands, Jawline Contouring, and other common facial and body areas treated with dermal fillers. Post-Procedure Protocols and Patient Touch-Up Recommendations.

After successfully completing the training program, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate validates their proficiency in Aptos thread lifting procedures, enabling them to confidently practice these techniques in their clinical settings.

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