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By Dr. Sheherbano Khan

28th April 2024


This workshop offers doctors a valuable educational opportunity to learn about Aptos threads.

Visage Excellence presents a universal resorbable surgical thread equipped with specially crafted multidirectional barbs, optimizing tissue grip strength. These unique barbs are designed to distribute stress and securely hold soft tissues post-insertion, particularly effective in facial and neck subdermal tissue fixation.

The efficient design of Visage Excellence ensures comprehensive treatment coverage via a simple, noninvasive procedure. Utilizing atraumatic round-tip cannulas for thread insertion minimizes post-procedural bleeding and swelling.

This method offers ease and swiftness in application, requiring minimal patient downtime.

Registration Fees:

Early Bird: Rs. 80,000 (Before March 15)

Standard: Rs. 95,000 (After March 15)

Learning Objectives:

  • Expert Guidance: Dr. Sheher Bano, an authority in the field of thread lifting, leads the master class, providing participants with valuable insights and expertise.
  • Advanced Techniques: The master class likely covers advanced techniques in thread lifting, including the innovative methods developed or endorsed by Dr. Sheher Bano herself.
  • Practical Training: Participants can expect hands-on training sessions where they learn to perform thread lifting procedures under Dr. Sheher Bano’s guidance. This practical aspect is crucial for mastering the technique.
  • Safety Protocols: Safety measures and protocols related to thread lifting procedures are emphasized, ensuring that participants understand the importance of patient safety and well-being.
  • Patient Assessment: Dr. Sheher Bano may discuss patient assessment techniques, helping participants understand how to evaluate candidates for thread lifting procedures effectively.
  • Customized Approaches: The master class likely delves into the concept of customized treatment approaches, where thread lifting techniques are tailored to individual patient needs and aesthetic goals.
  • Complication Management: Understanding and managing potential complications associated with thread lifting procedures are essential aspects covered in the master class. Dr. Sheher Bano may share her insights on complication prevention and resolution.
  • Networking Opportunities: Participants may have the chance to network with peers and exchange experiences, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Product Knowledge: Information about Aptos thread lifting products, their features, and their application techniques may also be included, allowing participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools used in thread lifting procedures.
  • Continued Support: The master class may offer continued support or resources for participants after the training session, ensuring ongoing learning and development in the field of thread lifting.

Hands-on practice with the latest APTOS threads for various facial areas with Dr. Sheherbano Khan.

APTOS Masterclass Training Agenda:

2:30-3:30PMSpeaker Introduction, Overview of procedures to be performed during the hands-on session. Questions & Answers.
Hands‐On Sessions. Small group breakout sessions with live patients.

This hands-on workshop will focus on Aptos Thread Lifting Methods using the following threads:

  • Aptos Excellence Visage
  • Aptos Excellence Visage Soft
  • Aptos Nano Excellence


After successfully completing the training program, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate validates their proficiency in Aptos thread lifting procedures, enabling them to confidently practice these techniques in their clinical settings.

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